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Carbon Dioxide Tables - Web Application

log P-H Diagram for Carbon Dioxide

log P-H Diagram for Carbon Dioxide

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CO2 Tables

The site provides a feature rich, professional quality CO2 Tables web application for calculation of thermodynamic and transport properties of carbon dioxide.

The "CO2 Tables Calculator" is based on the industrial formulation for carbon dioxide, formulated in Helmholtz energy, and presented in "Equations of State for Technical Applications" by R. Span and W. Wagner.

For transport properties the application uses equations presented in: "The Viscosity of Carbon Dioxide" by A. Fenghour, W. A. Wakeham and V. Vesovic; and "A Reference Multiparameter Thermal Conductivity Equation for Carbon Dioxide with an Optimized Functional Form" by G. Scalabrin, P. Marchi, and F. Finezzo and R. Span.

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